Project Description

Campaign Management (EDM) Effectiveness

Project Description

  • Our client needed to standardise the process to deliver Electronic Direct Marketing (EDM) campaigns across the enterprise
  • Our role was to design and implement a consistent data management practice and provide a Single Customer View (SCV) for all EDM campaigns

What We Did

  • Interviewed business stakeholders from multi locations who ran different processes to identify the people, process, data, and technology used for the various EDM campaigns
  • Identified the gain & pain points and opportunities available to the Marketing team within and surrounding the complexities of EDM
  • Created a Business Requirements Document (BRD) to capture
    1. Current state of operation,
    2. Data sources list,
    3. Data source with Available and Used attributes,
    4. Target state Requirements,  and
    5. Target state of Operating Model and processes

Outcomes Delivered

  • Standardised campaign practices across multiple sites ensuring efficiencies and effectiveness of the campaign process
  • Improved data richness, completeness, and consistency by identifying 20 new data sources
  • Enabled client to profile its customers more effectively, segment the market, and tailor the customer value proposition (CVP) to specific customer groups
  • Improved customer experience through a standardised and consistent process and use of data

Project Details

  • IndustryLeisure and Entertainment
  • Service LineCustomer Experience