Project Description

Data and Analytics Capabilities Assessment & Roadmap 

Project Description

Our client is a member owned financial cooperative who requested assistance in developing their Data and Analytics capabilities target state architecture and road map.

What We Did

  • Current state assessment (data capabilities, data sources, repositories, reporting tools etc)
  • Produced High Level Requirements for a Data and Analytics platform including requirements for: Data Ingestion tool(s) and Data Stores, Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning, Business Intelligence reporting, Master Data Management, Data Quality assessment, Metadata management, Data Security and Privacy, Data and Analytics platform requirements related to inflight transformational programs such as Open Banking, Omni Channel, CRM, and foundational requirements
  • Created a fit for purpose Modern Data and Analytics reference architecture to meet the requirements. The components included: batch and data streaming tools, Data Stores: Data Lake, Data Warehouse, NoSQL data store, Reporting and Dashboarding tool(s), Advanced Analytics & Machine Learning capability, Data governance and metadata management components
  • Provided guidance on the implementation of the architecture and capabilities and potential tool selection on Microsoft Azure’s Big Data Cloud Platform
  • Produced a road map and architectural transition states to deliver the target state capabilities
  • Provided a rough order magnitude cost to implement the target state architecture

Outcomes Delivered

  • Enabled the client to articulate the need for a modern data analytics platform through the high-level requirements
  • Developed a modern data analytics target state architecture to be used as a north star to guide the client’s roll out of data and analytics capabilities
  • Created a roadmap for the client to have an overarching view of the approach and sequencing to implementing the data and analytics capabilities
  • Provided the client with a view of the cost to deliver the capabilities and run the Platform

Project Details

  • IndustryWealth Management
  • Service LineData & Analytics