Project Description

Data and Analytics Capabilities Assessment & Roadmap – A Modern Data Analytics Target State Architecture 

Project Description

Our client is a member owned financial cooperative who requested assistance in developing their Data and Analytics capabilities target state architecture and road map.

What We Did

  • Current state assessment (data capabilities, data sources, repositories, reporting tools etc)
  • Produced High Level Requirements for a Data and Analytics platform including requirements for:
    • Data Ingestion tool(s) and Data Stores
    • Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning
    • Business Intelligence reporting, Master Data Management, Data Quality assessment, Metadata management, Data Security and Privacy
    • Data and Analytics platform requirements related to inflight transformational programs such as Open Banking, Omni Channel, CRM, and foundational requirements
  • Created a fit for purpose Modern Data and Analytics reference architecture to meet the requirements. The components included:
    • Batch and data streaming tools
    • Data Stores: Data Lake, Data Warehouse, NoSQL data store
    • Reporting and Dashboarding tool(s)
    • Advanced Analytics & Machine Learning capability
    • Data governance and metadata management components
  • Provided guidance on the implementation of the architecture and capabilities and potential tool selection on Microsoft Azure’s Big Data Cloud Platform
  • Produced a road map and architectural transition states to deliver the target state capabilities
  • Provided a rough order magnitude cost to implement the target state architecture

Outcomes Delivered

  • Enabled the client to articulate the need for a modern data analytics platform through the high-level requirements
  • Developed a modern data analytics target state architecture to be used as a north star to guide the client’s roll out of data and analytics capabilities
  • Created a roadmap for the client to have an overarching view of the approach and sequencing to implementing the data and analytics capabilities
  • Provided the client with a view of the cost to deliver the capabilities and run the Platform

Project Details

  • IndustryWealth Management
  • Service LineData & Analytics