Project Description

Data and Analytics Strategy and Roadmap

Project Description:

Our client is a public company involved in the exploration, development and production of oil, both as an operator and non-operating participant. The client was seeking a data and analytics strategy and roadmap that would address urgent issues relating to information management, provide a future state architecture and interim state transition phases to progress to the future state. Bridge was engaged to define the strategy, make recommendations on best practice for data and analytics, and provide a roadmap for implementing findings and recommendations.

What We Did

  • Engaged with multiple business units to determine current capabilities and requirements.
  • Conducted over a dozen stakeholder interviews to document key business area reporting use cases and identify opportunities for enhancement.
  • Performed current state analysis to identify data sources, technology, and reporting platforms used and provide recommendations for identified issues.
  • Executed a wholistic review of the client’s reporting and visualisation environment to look at ways to simplify and industrialise their implementation.
  • Researched industry trends to identify future use cases for data and analytics which use Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

Outcomes delivered

  • Provided a definitive view of the current state data and analytics environment, including current state issues and recommendations for rectification.
  • Documented best practice recommendations for embedding and extending the reporting and visualisation activities through a single reporting platform.
  • Defined interim state data and analytics architecture, including proposals for improving data ingestion, data warehousing, and reporting capabilities.
  • Overlayed a priority business use case against the interim state architecture and demonstrated how the use case’s requirements could be met.
  • Defined a roadmap to deliver recommendations.
  • Designed a target state data and analytics architecture.

Project Details

  • IndustryOil and Gas Exploration & Production
  • Service LineData Strategy