Project Description

Data Classification Framework

Project Description

The client is a largest national broadband network provider in Australia. Data is a backbone for day to day operations of the network therefore data security is the number one priority for this organisation. The organisation wanted to be proactive in adopting consistent data classification standards & approaches for protecting data during generation, processing, storage & distribution.

What We Did

  • Performed a current state analysis of data classification frameworks & practices within the organisation.
  • Identified key data subject areas or critical data elements for categorising data.
  • Developed & documented a business process for classifying data.
  • Recommended a data classification framework that is aligned to best practices.
  • Articulated the data classification scheme to ensure the data tiers are understood & the data controls are commensurate to the risk.

Outcomes delivered

  • Achieved compliance to Privacy Act Principles.
  • Embedded a governance process for managing data classification.
  • Defined a data classification & metadata framework that is aligned to privacy regulation principles.

Project Details

  • IndustryTelecommunications
  • Service LineData Management