Project Description

Data Governance Framework

Project Description

The client was seeking to embed a controlled and integrated approach to information governance / management across the organisation to derive reliable, timely and high-quality business insights from their enterprise data.

What We Did

  • Developed a governance charter that enables accountability for data at all levels of the business including establishment of data councils, data domain working groups and data communities.
  • Defined a data strategy that sets out a target operational model for data management taking into account the maturity level of the organisation.
  • Developed and implemented a data governance model that establishes ownership, roles and responsibilities and controls to managing business-critical data.
  • Developed and implemented a fit for purpose data quality framework for continuous identification, measurement, monitoring and resolution of data issues.
  • Implemented a metadata management capability including establishing a central repository of business terms and metadata.

Outcomes delivered

  • Created an awareness change program for recognising data as a strategic asset for the organisation.
  • Established a compliant data-driven culture that leveraged data for decision making and business performance improvements.
  • Improved access to high-quality information that accelerated the analytics and business intelligence capabilities within the business.


Project Details

  • IndustryFinance
  • Service LineData Management