Project Description

Data Quality Assurance

Project Description

Our client, a leading Australian wealth manager, acquired the Australian and New Zealand operations of a global financial services firm.  They established a $500M program of work to integrate the new entity.  A foundational project was initiated to integrate 7 product administration systems into the client’s core IT platforms, including Single View of Customer, CRM, Digital, Advice, Management and Regulatory Reporting.  This required the migration and integration of over 200 new data sets spanning customer, product, contract and financial transaction subject areas.

What We Did

  • Developed the data quality strategy and plan and had it endorsed by the Steering Committee
  • Developed a risk framework for assessing and prioritising data quality issues
  • Performed analysis to identify source data and capture data quality rules
  • Performed data profiling on full history of source data (>300M records) and identified exceptions
  • Facilitated the Data Quality Working Group to triage issues and manage remediation activities

Outcomes delivered

  • Proactively identified and managed the resolution of over 195 data quality issues
  • Data migration into Production was executed smoothly with an error rate of <0.004%
  • A 3% reduction in new incidents (compared to baseline) in first month following implementation
  • Created a repeatable methodology, process and tools available to be re-used by future projects
  • The project was awarded the PMI Project Excellence Award for superior performance and results

Project Details

  • IndustryWealth Industry
  • Service LineData Strategy, Data Management