Project Description

Delivering an Integrated Digital Experience

Project Description

    Following the acquisition of another wealth manager, our client was seeking to integrate the new business into its financial advice and customer sales and support digital platform.

What We Did

  • Design and develop a new adviser portal using a best of both approach from the 2 existing portals and to migrate the advice network to the new planner portal. Migrate customers from 1 customer portal to the preferred incumbent customer portal.
  • Overall program and IT project management, project mobilisation and execution
  • Roadmap design and delivery, establish and evolve the governance model throughout life of the project
  • Business and technical analysis
  • Content migration from public and secure sites to the new portal
  • Migration of over 14,000 advisers and 20,000 customers to the new adviser and customer portals

Outcomes Delivered

  • Established the foundation digital platform which would enable the client to deliver the strategic transformational planner and customer digital experience
  • Consolidation on to 1 adviser portal and 1 customer portal providing an enhanced¬†digital experience and removing infrastructure and licensing costs and providing people synergy benefits
  • Consolidation of processes and supporting technologies through a single front end interface to the planner and customer
  • Consolidation of 3 content management systems
  • Establishment of a single operating model to support planners and customers across the new merged entity
  • Ownership and management of program budget (~$30m), schedule, and resources (~80 FTEs)

Project Details

  • IndustryWealth Management
  • Service LineCustomer Experience