Project Description

Enterprise Data Model & Business Glossary

Project Description

Our client was one of Australia’s leading providers of lenders mortgage insurance. After they had completed a review of data management issues a recommendation was made to implement an Enterprise Data Model and Data Dictionary to support the business and enable more effective data governance.  Our role was to lead the collaborative development of the Enterprise Data Model and Data Dictionary and facilitate an effective handover upon completion

What we did

  • Interviewed key stakeholders
  • Reviewed existing relevant artifacts
  • Developed an Enterprise Data Model and Business Glossary to support the information needs of the business
  • Developed a fit for purpose governance model to manage the change to the data model and business glossary

Outcomes  Delivered

  • Strategic understanding of the major data entities needed to support key processes and manage the business
  • Baseline ‘map’ for planning and executing data management activities, including data governance, data analysis, data quality, etc.
  • Common vocabulary and business descriptions that can be used to consistently communicate information needs and usage across the organisation
  • Data governance framework (people, processes and tools) to manage change to data assets

Project Details

  • IndustryFinance
  • Service LineData Management