Project Description

Establishing Data Foundations

Project Description

Our client is in the digital and entertainment industry who offers travel experiences and have plans to grow exponentially in the coming years with the global launch of their product. They want to know that their data architecture and data services can support their planned growth and what they might need to do to future proof it.

What We Did

  • Reviewed the business strategy and growth plans
  • Conducted interviews and meetings with business stakeholders to define capabilities, technologies, processes and workflows
  • Completed a Current State Assessment of the technology landscape
  • Captured High-Level Requirements for Data Privacy, Single Customer View (SCV) and Digital Asset Management (DAM)
  • Profiled customer data repositories to determine data quality and data model design
  • Reviewed the clients’ Data Privacy Policy and investigated the privacy regulations in various global jurisdictions

Outcomes delivered

  • Developed an industry Capability Model and identified existing capability, moving capability, future required capability
  • Developed a High-level Solution Architectural Asset with key dataflows for the business
  • Developed a Conceptual Data Model
  • Developed a data governance framework that establishes the data domains, roles and responsibilities, classifications, policies and controls
  • Created a view of Data Privacy requirements around the world
  • Provided confidence for the client in that they understand the current state technology landscape and have a clear view of the areas in need of improvement

Project Details

  • IndustryDigital and Entertainment
  • Service LineData Strategy