Project Description

Real Time Data Processing (CDC) using Striim

What we did

  • Designed the strategic data analytics platform architecture
  • Identification and assessment of leading CDC providers
  • Shortlist of providers and final selection
  • POC of  selected CDC tool (Striim) in client environment
  • Implementation of Striim and integration to the strategic data analytics platform (Microsoft Azure)

Outcomes delivered

  • On premise installation of Striim
  • Integration to 17 source systems and 28 databases across 3 sites
  • Developed initial load (batch) and CDC jobs (>8TB of data, >500 tables)
  • Integrated to target Microsoft cloud platform through Azure Event Hub, Azure Data Factory, Azure Blob Storage and Azure Data Warehouse
  • Configured security groups
  • Completed version upgrade and applied patches
  • Configured monitoring, reporting and email alerts
  • Designed and planned migration to cloud


Bridge Big Data Reference Architecture

Project Details

  • IndustryLeisure, Hospitality & Entertainment
  • Service LineData Engineering